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Walking into 2014

Walking Into Pinetum 01 FARPARTE                   Gianluca Maver, Walking Into 2014, Video installazione (original 28′)   Pinetum 01 FARPARTE a cura di Lara Caccia da un idea di Bruno Boretti e Silvia Fabbroni Inaugurazione 13 Settembre ore 16,30, VILLA GAETA: […]

out in nature 2011

Villa Barberino Back-stage                   Out in nature, video installazione, 220 x  800 cm, musica di Giuseppe Mangione  site specific Villa Barberino video Installation 220 x  800 cm sound by Giuseppe Mangione site specific Villa Barberino   Interview at […]

Network Space 2011

 Network Space (precariousness)                                                                                     […]

Network tree 2010-11

  Network tree                                network tree #1, Montevarchi 2011 lambda print on dibond cm 93×118 edition of 3                             […]

they looked on while it happened 2007

 they looked on while it happened A PROJECT WITH, APRIL GERTLER AND BARAK REISER they looked on while it happened, Galerie Image, Arhus Denmark 2007 Glove, Firenze 2003, color print on dibond cm 60×75 edition of 5   Somewhere during the hours of 01 – 05 […]

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White portrait 2007-08

white portrait Gloria Bazzocchi, Petrolo 2007 lambda print on dibond under plexiglass cm 125×100 edition of 3   Piero Bellugi, Firenze 2008 lambda print on dibond under plexiglass cm 125×100 edition of 3   Paolo, Montevarchi 2009 lambda print on dibond under plexiglass cm 125×100 […]

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l’arno, un percorso visivo 2005-06

                                                L’Arno un percorso visivo, lambda print on dibond under plexiglass and wood’s frame, cm 125×150 edition of 3   L’Arno un percorso […]

Ventodivino 2005

Ventodivino a project with Riccardo Mazzoni Ventodivino, Firenze 2005, Lambda print on dibond cm 100×120 and cm 125×160 ed. of 3 Palazzo Mannozzi, Collezione Casa Masaccio arte contemporanea, 2014 Casa Masaccio Arte contemporanea, L’arte della fuga, 2012

Waiting for the dial tone 2005

waiting for the dial tone A project with April Gertler and Barak Reiser Waiting for the dial tone, Heimspiel Frankfurt an main DE 2005     Our first exhibition in 2005, titled “Waiting for the Dial Tone.”, took place at Heimspiel Gallery in Frankfurt am Main, […]

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hospital 2003-04

                                                Hospital # 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 Montevarchi 2003-04 Lambda print on forex cm 120×100 edit. of 3         Hospital, FOFU festival of photography […]

walking 2003

                                                                              WALKING, Firenze 2003 lambda print on dibond, from […]

presence 2002

Presence, Italy 2002 color print on forex or dibond, size from cm 20×25 to 100×120 edition of 5 or 7 eng During my last journeys I let my car go along through the paths, country roads  and suburb. Then my attention, and above all, my curiosity […]

le murate 2001

                      Le Murate Firenze 2001 silver print cm 40×50 edition of 10   eng Entering the prison¹s space of Le Murate, walking down its hallways, visiting the cells and every new place is a journey […]

intimate thought 2000